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In Memory of Peter Sobol

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It is often said that you don’t appreciate someone until they are gone. That doesn’t hold true with our brother Pete Sobol. Pete was truly appreciated and loved by all of you—the people of the Inwood/Five Towns community. Now that we have lost him, we are able to cherish our days and memories with him in a new way. Pete came to the area some thirty-odd years ago with Mike to open Sobol Distributors. That was where it all began—his love affair with your community and its people. Although Peter loved the ladies, no woman could steal his heart the way Inwood did. His joy, his goals, his enjoyment in life were deeply rooted in the betterment of all. Whoever needed a champion or helping hand, Pete was your man. Whether you were a government official or a bottle redemption customer, a pastor or a kid who wanted to drop out of school, Peter could communicate with you with respect, humor, and intelligence.

Over the years we have heard about all of the projects he was involved in—too many to be able to recall by name, but his passion for each one never ceased. Whether it was providing assistance to those who needed help with bills, housing, immigration issues, or medical care, Pete continued to run successful businesses and take part in countless community events. We always stood in awe of his energy and looked on with pride at his enthusiasm, generosity, and—above all—his love for “his people.” Pete gave so much of himself, but believe it when we say he got so much in return. Our family recognizes that YOU are also FAMILY—Pete’s beloved family. We want you to know how much he loved his life with you. Family is what mattered most to him in life, but his family was not limited by genetics. You were connected at the heart. So many have a story to tell—whether a tale of generosity, a prayer of thanks for his help, a chuckle about his pranks, or remembrances of wonderful projects you worked on together.

We have so many beautiful memories, but there are still so many we would love to hear from you—his other family. Although the current situation has prevented a typical farewell, we have tried to do things in the safest, most caring way we know how while still honoring Peter. When it is safe (perhaps this summer) we plan to come together with you to celebrate Pete’s life, share our stories, pay tribute to him, pray together, and thank God for putting this man in our lives. We know that our brother was your brother too, and we want to thank you for filling his life with so much joy, hope, and love.

In the meantime, if you have a story or memory to share, we would love to have it. Please send it to: inmemoryofpetesobol@gmail.com


The Sobol Siblings (Kathy, Mike, and Patti)

One thought on “In Memory of Peter Sobol

  1. Just found out online that Peter had died. Condolences from the family of James & Ruth Gregory. I am very sorry for not keeping in touch over the years. Hoping that maybe we can reconnect as I have been trying to get information on the family. I am a cousin of your mother and aunt.

    Hoping all is well with the family.

    Cousin Ruth Gregory-Stein (Ruth Gregory)

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