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Frequently Asked Questions

Aid to the Foreign Born

Where can I find Immigration related information?

You can find information regarding Immigration here at the Five Towns Community Center Inc., Aid to the Foreign Born Department. We help with a limited number of Immigration applications and/or we can also refer you to the correct place as to where someone can help you regarding all different cases.

Where can I apply to renew or replace my Green Card?

You can apply to renew or replace your Green Card here at the Five Towns Community Center Inc., Aid to the Foreign Born Department. We help our clients apply for the Permanent Resident Card renewal or replacement only. We can refer you elsewhere for renewal/replacement of Conditional Resident Cards.
(In case your Permanent/Condition Resident Card has been stolen , lost or destroyed.)

Where can I apply to become a U.S. Citizen?

You can apply to get Medical Insurance here at the Five Towns Community Center with our Navigator Damaris Feliz-Ali. Damaris is able to provide you with many different Medical Insurance options.

If you are undocumented and an adult, you are eligible for Emergency Medical Insurance as well as all documented and/or undocumented children under the age of 19 years old are able to obtain Medical Insurance.

Please click here for more information on how to apply for Medical Insurance.

Where can I apply for Food Stamps?

You can apply for Food Stamps here at the Five Towns Community Center as well with The Health & Welfare Council of Long Island.

Please click here for more information on how to apply for Food Stamps.

Gammys Pantry

When is Gammy’s Pantry open?

Gammy’s Pantry is open

  • Monday 6-9
  • Tuesday 3-6
  • Wednesday 3-6
  • Thursday 3-6
  • Friday 3-6
  • Saturday 9-1
  • Sunday by appointment only
Do you have to register and show ID at Gammy’s Pantry and/or for Long Island Cares?

It depends, here at the pantry we want to be sure that no one is food insecure. You do have to register for both forms of assistance, however you must show ID when you register for Long Island Cares.

How often can you visit the pantry?

For families in need you may visit once a week for Long Island Cares. Families may visit Gammy’s Pantry daily for other items such as fruit and veggies baked breads and other necessities.

Is there any additional assistance for seniors in need?

Gammy’s Pantry serves over 165 seniors in our area. Delivery options are available for those in need that may be homebound. If you are a senior in need please call 347-702-2013 and set up arrangements for days that you may need a delivery.

Gammy’s volunteers are also available 24 hours a day for food emergencies and medication pick up.

Are there volunteer opportunities in Gammy’s Pantry?

Of course ! Gammy’s Pantry has many opportunities throughout the week and year for folks aged 3-100. Contact us today to find out more info.


Head Start

What ages do you service?

We service preschoolers who are ages 3 to 5

What are the captions areas?

East Rockaway
Valley Stream

What are the age requirement for preschoolers?

They have to be 3 years old by September 1st

When can you register for Head Start?

As soon as your child turns 3 years old, you can register for head any time of the year.

Is Head Start open for all 12 months?

Head Start is open from the month of September through July.
The month of August is used for staff vacations and professional development


Can anyone come in for HIV/STI testing?

Yes, anyone who feels they are at risk and has been sexually active can come in to get tested.

If I don’t need any HPS services, can I come in to get condoms and safe sex items?

Yes, you don’t need to have any services to get a supply of condoms, lube, female condoms, etc. and yes, they are free!

Do I need to be HIV positive to receive services?

Some of our groups/services are specifically for HIV people however, the majority of our programs and services are for the general public. For inquiry about a specific program, please contact HPS directly.

Do I need an appointment for a HIV/STI/HEP C test?

No, most of our testing is done on a weekly basis, and is on a first come, first serve basis. Please check the FTCC website for the latest testing schedule.

Are there any incentives on getting tested?

Yes, we provided gift cards and Metro cards (2 fares) to all individuals who are tested, while supplies last.


Does CODA service adolescents?

Yes, CODA currently serves youth as young as 16 years old at risk or experiencing addiction behaviors.

What catchment does CODA serve?

Nassau and Queens but will also accept clients from the Brooklyn area.

Does CODA provide Medical Assisted Treatment?

No, however CODA provides clinical counseling service for Clients receiving MAT but will require treatment verification at referral and during services from other clinic prescriber.

Does CODA provide services to the LGBTQ community.

Yes,  CODA serves  the LGBTQ community but does not offer special population groups at this time.

Does CODA have late evening hours and weekend hours?

Yes, CODA has late evening hours available during the weekday but no weekend hours.

Can anyone come in for CODA services who has a drug/alcohol issue or is the program MANDATE only?

The CODA program is not mandate only and is open to all residents with a drug or alcohol problem.

FTCC Summer Day Camp

What is the earliest time/latest time I can drop off/pick up my child?

Summer camp runs from 9 AM – 5 PM. Any earlier or later, there is a $10 fee for every 15 mins that your child is dropped off early or picked up late.

Is food provided for my child?

FTCC Summer Day Camp provides a nutritious lunch and a snack every day to each child. You are allowed to pack your child a home lunch we just ask to limit any items with peanuts as we have children with peanut allergies.

What field trips will my child take during camp?

Trips vary year to year. Consistent trips are to North Woodmere Pools and Hewlett Point Pools, and Cedarhurst Park. Other trips are planned before camp start with a fee such as bowling, the final camp trip, etc.

What activities will my child be doing during the camp day?

Daily activities include gym time, field time, arts and crafts, movie time, board games, socializing with friends, story time, etc.

How early can I pick up my child?

Your child can be picked up as early as you’d like. As the person picking up a child, you will need to sign out the child to ensure that the child is now with you.

Elementary After School Program

What does the after school program involve?

The elementary after school programs for children in grades Pre-K to 5th consist of three main components: a snack, indoor/outdoor recreation, and homework completion time.  A new added emphasis on S.T.E.M. and arts & crafts activities also occurs during program time.  (Program end times may vary depending on the school).

Is there a fee for the program?

Yes.  There is a one time registration fee of $75 per child for the entire academic year.  The registration fee enables you to have your child attend as often, or as little, as you want, without jeopardizing your standing being involved in the program(s).  If your child attends the FTCC morning program there is a $50 flat fee per child, per week.  Should you sign up your child for the after school program only, there is a $70 a week fee per child.  Any family registering multiple siblings will have a reduced fee for each additional child of $35. (Example: If two children are attending the after school program only, the first child would be $70 and the second child would be $35, totaling $105 for the week).  Fees are due every two weeks but payments can be made monthly.  All fees can be paid via our Tuition Express debit/credit system, check, or by money orders.

Are registration forms available online?

No.  Forms are only given out via the Elementary Program Director.  Due to limited program openings the Director must maintain all registration forms to ensure proper child/staff ratios are in place.  Any old forms that do not have the current Director’s name, or current academic school year, on them will not be accepted.

When does registration for after school program occur?

There is no official registration date as it has varied year to year, but initial inquiry for after school is encouraged in the beginning of July.  Most registration days have been held in August.  It is strongly encouraged that parents do not wait until the school year begins to register in order to secure a possible spot into the program(s).

Is there a Summer Camp available for elementary grade students?

Yes.  With the exception of Summer of 2020 due to the Pandemic, Summer Camp for Pre-K to 5th grade students have occurred for numerous years.  Any families interested should begin inquiry before the end of the academic school year with the elementary Program Director.  Camp is run at the Five Towns Community Center for six weeks, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm (check back for pricing).  Lunch, snacks, trips, and arts and crafts also occur during Camp program time.

Middle School After School Program

How much does the program cost?

There is no fee for service, however there is a registration fee.

Does the program have transportation?

There is no transportation from the middle school to the community center.

Do you help with homework?

Yes, not only do we help with homework but we also assist your child with school projects such as book  reports and STEAM Fair.

Does my child have to attend daily?

No, but in order to obtain the most benefit from academic enrichment, we highly recommend that your child maintain a minimum attendance rate of 85%.

Will there be trips?

No, due to COVID-19 we are unable to have trips at this time.

Youth Advocacy/Teen Center/High School Services

Is there a fee for high school services?

No. All services whether individual or group are free of charge to all students’ grades 9-12.

Can my child obtain volunteer opportunities?

Yes. Students can obtain volunteer opportunities in various program placements.

Can my child obtain assistance with filling out their college applications?

Yes. Parent or child can contact Youth Advocacy Counselor to request an appointment.

Can my child obtain assistance with filling out their financial aid application (FAFSA)?

Yes. Parent or child can contact Youth Advocacy Counselor to request an appointment. However, it is important to note that a parent MUST BE PRESENT when filling out the financial aid application.

For more information, please contact the Youth Advocacy Counselor at 516-239-6244 ext. 239 or vortiz@fivetownsmail.org

Youth Employment Services

Can youth obtain their working papers at Five Towns Community Center?

No. Youth can obtain their working papers from the School Nurse. Student may be required to have an updated physical prior to being issued their working papers.

How many times do I have to apply for my working papers?

Twice. The first set of working papers covers ages 14-15. A student MUST apply for a new set of working papers once they turn 16 years of age. The document will cover them until they are 18 years old.

Is there resume building assistance offered for youth?

Yes. All the student has to do is contact the Youth Employment Counselor to set up an appointment.

Does the Five Towns Community Center offer Summer Youth Employment? If so, how can my child participate.

Yes. The Five Towns Community Center collaborates with the Town of Hempstead’s HempsteadWorks program that sponsors the Summer Youth Employment program. Currently the program serves youth 16-18 years of age and must meet the financial criteria established by the Town of Hempstead.

When should my child come in to talk about summer employment opportunities

Your child can come in as early as January to learn about all the summer employment opportunities (i.e. Summer Camp, GolfWorks, Summer Youth Employment programs).

For more information, please contact the Youth Employment Counselor at 516-239-6244 ext. 239 or vortiz@fivetownsmail.org

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