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Mutual Aid at the FTCC Gammy’s Pantry

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In honor and celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. at the FTCC, Gammy’s Pantry volunteers had the honor of working with several organizations in our area on a few different service projects. !

What is mutual aid?
Mutual Aid is recognizing that each and every one of us has different needs. At the same time we each have different strengths and resources that we can offer one another.

Now, that is definitely evident in Gammy’s Pantry. One of the amazing projects that we were excited about included handing out Tee-Shirt Totes that were made and packed by, The Shulamith Middle School Students and Susan Sachs, The Marion & Aaron Gural JCC and Volunteers with food for families in need. Then, they were stuffed with extra goodies and items from our second service project “ Project Warm Hearts” at the FTCC by Gammy’s Pantry volunteers and our amazing Youth Advocacy Group.
Next, they were given out and shared with our community as well as delivered to families in need by Gammy’s volunteers.
Lastly, we teamed up with Trinity St. Johns in Hewlett after seeing a post on Facebook that detailed the need for emergency food for their pantry that had become barren. With the help of Gammy’s Pantry Volunteers and Trinity of St. Johns member Eliose Thomas and the assistance of Blanca Bran we loaded up supplies and headed over to fill their “little pantry” as they call it.
Thank you to each of you that serve with us today and everyday!💕
One Team, One Family, One Community 💕

If you would like to be a part or support one of our upcoming events, please call Sasha Young @ 516-239-6244.

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