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The FTCC and EVTEC Inc. Bottle Collection

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The FTCC and EVTEK are teaming up again on a mission to fund educational programs and community outreach during this Covid crisis .

With help from our community the Five Towns Community we can have a successful recycling program that generates thousands of dollars of necessary funding and help save the planet at the same time!

All Funds will be used by the FTCC for our children’s/youth educational programs and community outreach.

Do you want to be a part of this important initiative?
What can you do?

We need your rinsed water bottles and soda cans!
Please bring them to Gammy’s Pantry at the FTCC. Volunteers from Gammy’s Pantry will sort and prepare the donated cans for redemption with EVTEK INC.

Many of you know that Pete helped to spearhead the bottle redemption act here in NY State. See below for a snippet from The NY Times a few years back. Kicking this program into high gear is one of the many initiatives that were important to Pete which we will be focusing on as we move forward. Peter Sobol, legislative liaison for the Empire State Beer Distributors Association, said the neighborhood beer and soda stores that his group represents support Governor Paterson’s proposal as long as the handling fee stores received is increased to meet costs. He called it unconscionable for distributors to keep unredeemed deposits when the economy is in shambles. “Not many are sharing in that pot,” Mr. Sobol said. “At a time when everything is being cut back health care, education and for the state not to grab these unredeemed nickels just doesn’t make sense.” See below for an interesting TED Talk about the importance of recycling.

Email syoung@fivetownsmail.org for more information.


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